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Despite a few setbacks, such as the windstorm power outage and a guest speaker who fell ill, our Lenten Mission shared a beautiful message about our saving grace through baptism and how this is truly “A Lent to Remember, an Easter to Celebrate”. We are thankful for Fr. Marc Bentley, Fr. Rob Adams, and Fr. Ben Horn who all agreed to help make this Lenten Mission happen. Fr. Rob Adams was the only priest who was actually able to attend due to the aforementioned unforseen circumstances, but it was still a truly beautiful experience. We are blessed to have Deacon Ed Parsons who led us in Adoration each night and for Deacon John Brannen who orchestrated this mission and pinched hit on the last night. We are equally blessed to have Cindy Waters, our Music Director, as well as her choir and bell choir, who weaved beautiful layers of music throughout the evenings giving the Mission a peaceful and reflective ambiance. We’ve inlcuded the videos of the Lenten Mission, thoughtfully edited by David and Allyson DeVito who graciously give of their time to help us with all things technical!

March 6 – “We are forgiven” with Fr. Rob Adams, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Pikeville, Kentucky:

March 7 – “We are saved” with Deacon John Brannen, Pax Christi Catholic Church, Lexington, Kentucky:

40 Cans for 40 Days! Non-perishable canned & boxed food items will be collected in the Gathering Space through Holy Thursday. Donations will benefit God’s Pantry & the Catholic Action Center. Thank you for your help!

Please consider doing something a little “extra” during this season of Lent…or perhaps you’re looking for something to “give up”…why not a little blood? Your sacrifice would help save a life. Register for a time (preferred), or feel free to walk in.

If you think you may not be eligible to donate for one reason or another, you may now be eligible as the deferral list has changed slightly. Please visit the Kentucky Blood Center website for more details, or if you have questions about donating. This link will take you directly to the sign up for our blood drive on March 29 and to the website also.

The Pax Christi Men’s Group will host a Lenten Fish Fry

Every Friday during Lent from 5–7 p.m.        

Drive Thru—with a Twist! Dinner will be served as drive thru from the shed…but seating is available! 

Pick up your drive thru fish dinner from the shed in to-go containers but feel free to stay!  Tables will be set up for eating and fellowship in the Parish Hall…

(with the exception of March 24…Drive Thru only on this date.  March 31 is the last Fish Fry). 

Adult Dinner:  2 pieces of breaded fried cod, hush puppies, and French fries $9

Child’s Dinner: 1 piece of breaded fried cod, hush puppies, and French fries $5

Canned soda or bottled water available in drive thru for $1

Desserts and soda or bottled water are available in the Parish Hall on a donation basis.

 All proceeds will go to the Pax Christi Men’s Group which supports parish youth and activities including the annual church picnic.  The Men’s Group also supports local and Catholic charities as well as the Catholic Action Center. 

The leadership of the parish is asking that we all try a grand experiment for Lent. This is to say that during Lent we ask our parishioners to practice silence once they enter church until Mass begins.

At a recent study day for the priests of the diocese, the priest presenter made an important correlation between prayer and happiness. To priests who spent less than 15 minutes a day in prayer, he assured them that they could be happier if they prayed more. To those who said they didn’t have time to pray more, he assured them that if they prayed more they would find that their time is more productive. I believe all this.

Sometimes, to go deeper into faith and spirit we need time to recollect. And that requires quiet. Our greeters will still greet. Our ministers will still make their preparations. But we ask everyone else to find your places in church, compose yourselves and prepare your hearts and minds for the great blessings God is about to bestow on us through the Mass.

I recognize that for some this will seem strange, at least at first. It might even be a challenge. I hope no one will be offended by this effort. When the weather gets milder, feel free to gather outside. After Mass feel free to gather with friends in the gathering space. I believe that at the end of Lent we will have a more profound sense of the holiness of our God and of the worship that is our blessing. Thank you.

Fr Pat

Communion from the Cup has resumed. In the next few weeks we will remind you of the traditional heath precautions taken in both offering and receiving from the cup. We also know some of you will not yet be ready to receive the Precious Blood. We may never return to a “normal” pre-COVID level of health safety. But we are learning to adapt and we want to be able to offer the full, rich meaning and blessing of receiving the Precious Blood of Jesus.

Addressing Health and Safety Concerns in Offering and Receiving the Precious Blood
Let us first review what has always been practiced to make receiving from the common cup safe.
 After the consecration the Precious Blood still retains the outward appearance and taste of wine. It still also retains the mild sterilizing effects of alcohol.
 The minister turns the cup so as to offer a different part of the cup to the next person.
 The minister carefully wipes the brim of the cup for each recipient.

In these days, it has become clear that anyone who suspects that they have a cold or otherwise feels at all sick should not receive from the cup, and should probably stay home.

If we take care of each other and take the proper precautions, it should be safe to receive the Precious Blood.

How to receive the Precious Blood
• Only receive the Precious Blood if you are comfortable doing so.
• If you receive the Precious Body alone, you are receiving all of Jesus – Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity. You are not somehow shorted if you only receive Jesus under one form.
• If you are going to receive the Precious Blood, remember:
• Bow as you approach the minister.
• Respond “Amen!” when the minister says, “Blood of Christ!”
• Gentle, slow motions as you receive the cup, bring it to your lips and take a small sip.
• Same as you return the cup to the minister and assure a good hand-off.
Return to your pew for a prayer of thanksgiving.

You can still support the Diocese of Lexington!

We are still in a time of great uncertainty but the one thing we do know that we share a unity and communion that makes us One in Christ.  We are unified in our commitment to serve all churches and communities in our 50 counties, spanning from the Bluegrass to Appalachia.  As brothers and sisters, we walk alongside those in need and provide many avenues of care.

Your donation to the Diocesan Annual Appeal supports:

14% Retired Priests Support & Seminarian Education

28% Community Outreach

48% Parish Operational Support

10% Youth, Young Adult & Campus Minsitry

The Ministry of Altar Serving:  A privilege and a blessing!

We need YOU, both adults and youth (5th grade & up)

Altar Servers are a very important part of the Liturgy.  We have truly missed having them for such a great length of time!  

Will you consider helping us rebuild this ministry?

If you are interested in this ministry, contact Brian Schweighardt or 859-351-4506.

Faith Sharing Groups – A wonderful way to gather, get to know others, and delve deeper into our Faith. If you have not already signed up for a Faith Sharing Group opportunity, please prayerfully consider doing so soon. Even if a group has started their meetings, it is never too late to join. Each group is open and welcoming to all newcomers. By clicking on the blue words, “Faith Sharing Groups” an online form will be available. When the parish office receives your form, they will share it with the Faith Sharing Group Leader in which you expressed interest. They will then contact you to welcome you to their group and answer questions you may have.