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Reading Group Update

We would like to continue to share our insights from reading this papal letter. Chapter 3 is titled “The Human Roots of the Ecological Crisis”. “Ecology” refers to the way that environment, culture, societies and history are an “interconnected” whole.  As suggested by the title, the chapter recognizes the responsibility of all humanity for the situation with the world’s ecology –. The chapter’s language and lengthiness continued to present challenges to the reading. As noted below, we found the chapter to be rather sobering. Here are some key points:

· Humanity has entered a technology-dominant era which has reverberated through human lives across the globe.  Technology and its uses affect individuals, families, communities, and countries.

·  Science and technology have delivered positive applications and improved many areas of life.

· The possession of this knowledge and the desire to obtain and/or control needed resources to sustain and propagate technology leads to power and domination, especially over those with a limited capacity to have their voices heard and the effects of technology on their lives noted.

· The technological shift has led toward confrontation and away from cultural and/or community interpersonal engagement. 

· Advancement and its uses for gain are not in and of themselves accompanied by a recognition of responsibility for issues beyond self and profit. 

· The technological cannot be separate from the ethical and cultural. The dignity of all human life must remain part of the overall consideration of our human direction.

Our discussion also included points of promise in alternative technologies currently being developed and on the ability as individuals and communities to make choices in our actions.