September 2, 2022 6:55 pm

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Bethlehem Wood Carvers.
We will be visiting Pax Christi on the weekend of September 3-4. The carving of the Olive
Wood Tree has been inherited since the time of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It was passed down
from father to son for many generations, including Louie’s family. More than 80% of the
Christian community income comes from tourism and the olive wood trade. However, due to
the ongoing difficult circumstances and the tremendous decrease in tourism, the Christian community has suffered many hardships that have led many Christian families to leave their homes in search of work and safety.
Our mission is to support and strengthen the presence of Christians in the Holy Land by selling their beautiful olive wood artifacts here in the United States. We have been so blessed and so grateful to have had the opportunity to travel all around the United States to different parishes for the past 15 years to represent these less fortunate Christians. We are so happy to be honored by the church to visit this year. We encourage you to look over our
beautiful hand carved items. We value your support through these unprecedented times. We accept cash, credit cards, and checks. Thank you!