March 22, 2022 2:00 pm

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This Friday, Praying for Peace at Pax Christi

As I mentioned at Mass, the war in Ukraine is on all our minds. We are concerned and confused. You may be wishing that you could share these thoughts or worries with others in the context of our Catholic Christian faith.

This Friday, March 25, Fr Pat will lead a special Stations of the Cross.
The Stations will be preceded by a time for anyone to share their thoughts or concerns about the war in Ukraine or about the violence in our world in general. Come to share as little or as much as you need. Or just come to listen. There will be no expectations; and we may not be able to reach any satisfying conclusions. But we can be together and encourage one another. And we can always find hope in the suffering of our Lord and Savior.

The sharing will begin at 5:30 and after an appropriate amount of time we will pray the Stations. We should finish by 6:30.
Please Come.
Fr. Pat