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Youth Groups

FOR 6th-12th Graders are held on Sundays from 6:00-7:30 PM unless otherwise noted.  Come for Games, fun, fellowship, and sharing your faith! 

March 4    Impossible Snack Challege

March 11   Service Night & Spoons Throw Down

March 18   Are you smarter than a Catholic?

March 25   Heaven, Hell, Purgatory

April 1     Help with Easter Egg Hunt — arrive at

   7:30 AM to stuff plastic eggs and hide    them out on the grounds.   Help little     ones during Easter Egg Hunt 9:45-    10:45 AM.  Contact Melissa Holland to    let her know you will be there —    breakfast will be provided for helpers…    need parents also! mholland@cdlex.org.

Don’t forget Holy Week happenings:

March 9/10 24 Hours For the Lord

March 28   Seder 6;30 PM

March 29   Holy Thursday 6:30 PM

March 30   Good Friday 6:30 PM

March 31   Easter Vigil 9:00 PM