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Ministry Minutes

Letter and Survey from Father Pat

Dear Parishioners,

This is a long and very personal letter but I ask your indulgence and hope you will read it through.  

As I send this letter to you I am aware of how hard these past two years have been.  I am well aware that some of you have stayed home in order to continue to be as careful as possible to protect yourselves or your kids.  Some of you have come to feel that coming to church is not as relevant or needful as it used to seem.  I am also aware that too often I have not led the parish to communicate well to respond to the needs of the times.  Early on we made an effort to try to call every household.  It was a complicated process and took a lot of work.  But we also had some great responses.  We should have followed up with further calls.  We got a good response to our recorded Masses at first, and to a few other videos.  But the social media needs kept changing.  Even as we tried to activate Facebook, we realized that large numbers of people no longer use Facebook. (And now Facebook has problems of its own!)  I have been slow to turn to Instagram, etc.  I'm trying to be honest here and acknowledge that you might be feeling some disappointment or skeptiscism as we make a new effort to reach out to you.

Thank you so much for reading this far.  Could you take one more step and respond to this very simple survey to help us understand what your needs are and what will help to encourage you to come back?  The link is below.  We would like to follow up with individual phone calls but these may not come until after Christmas.  I hope you will receive our outreach in the spirit in which they are offered.  

So yes, we have made mistakes.  But I think that our faith as Catholics, and in particular our community of Pax Christi have some very important blessings to offer and can still answer some serious needs.  I hope that as things open up more you will once again be ready to join us in person.  I know it sounds corny, but I really do feel that we need each of you and that together we can make our lives better.

And to all, I wish God Bless and Be Well,

 Fr. Pat 


Ministries at Pax Christi, from Father Pat

  Ministry Sign Ups!  Be the Church...Be the Change...Be Pax Christi! 


Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, we have been promoting 5 specific ways to be of service to one another at Pax Christi.   These are our immediate needs.

Please click on the above link to view the Ministry Sign Up Form that was available at Mass this past weekend and take a moment to check one, or more, ministries that interest you.   If you are not able to become more involved at this time, there is no need to complete this form.  We will have other opportunities throughout the year.   If you completed the form at Mass, there is no need to fill this form out again.  Please submit your form by Sunday, December 5. 

Exciting, blessed times are ahead.  Help us be ready to make the most of them.

Thanks, as always for your attention and support.  

Fr. Pat 

Advent: A Season of Hope

For obvious reasons, we need this Advent to be a season of Hope.

We would like to invite you to share your stories of hope as a way to encourage each other.  By “hope,” I mean not just hoping that something will happen. Rather, how have you experienced hope as a power that helped you to move forward with your life? What story about hope can you tell?

We hope to release one or two video stories every day of Advent, kind of like a video Advent calendar. (Sorry, you will have to provide your own chocolate!) So, please don’t be disappointed if your video doesn’t appear as soon as you submit it.

By using this link tribute.co/advent  you can go to a website that will enable you to record a short (no longer than 3 minutes) video.

·        Did a prayer or scripture inspire you?

·        Did a friend’s faithfulness help you?

·        How did hope come to you?

Also, here are a few technical guidelines.

·        Once you click on the link, you do not need to use the “Continue with Facebook” sign-up. Use the “sign-up” with only your name and email.

·        The prompts on the site will allow you to prepare your video image before you click the “record” button. Make sure your face is fully in view and framed well. Use as much light as you can. If recording from a phone or tablet, hold it horizontally (not vertically). SMILE!

·        Use the prompts to end recording and submit.

·        After you submit your video, the website will ask if you want to share your video on Facebook or Twitter. It’s not necessary to share on social media for us to receive your video.

·        If you have any questions, please email allydevito@gmail.com

Your video will be shared on our Pax Christi YouTube Channel, website, & Facebook.  Let your message be a light for others!

And have a blessed and inspiring Advent!

- Fr. Pat 

The Giving Tree and Beyond will be similar to last year…

We are collecting cash donations in lieu of actual presents. The volunteers for St Peters coordinate with the schools in  Monticello & the Wayne county area to collect names of children who would otherwise have no Christmas gifts. Donations that Pax Christi collects are used to purchase gifts from local businesses which will then be delivered to the children so as to avoid any large gathering. The new BEYOND part is any funds that exceed the expenses for the children will then be used by St Peter’s to help with the great need in other areas of family necessities.  St Peters does receive donations from people within and outside of their parish and diocese but it has not been enough to cover the additional numbers of needy during the pandemic. 

A Bit of History:

In the past 27 years we have collected new clothes and toys for children who would otherwise have no Christmas gifts.  Usually we would then have volunteers here at Pax Christi sort presents, travel to Wayne County and have a party for these children.  Due to the pandemic, we had to develop a new safer way  to provide for these children. You are invited to donate to this Special Giving Tree Fund throughout the month with all donations to be received in the parish office by Noon on Tuesday, November 30 as we will be passing these funds on to St. Peter Parish on December 1 so they have adequate time to shop and wrap the gifts. 

How to give:

Checks are payable to Pax Christi Catholic Church with Giving Tree in the memo.

Checks can be mailed to Pax Christi—4001 Victoria Way, Lexington KY 40514

Checks can be placed in the offertory basket

Checks can be sent directly from your bank/financial institution (we do not have an online giving option available for this program)

Suggested support of one child is $50 (that is $25/clothing; $25/toy), however no amount is too large or too small.  We appreciate your participation in this project at any level you are able. 

In years past we have provided clothing and toys for anywhere from 150-250 children.  This has been our major outreach project since 1994 with truckloads of gifts heading to Monticello in December.  This new approach will also be of help to the businesses in Monticello/Wayne County and employees of those businesses.