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The Pilgrim’s Trail

The Trinity is an example of community, of relationship. The Father does not lord it
over the Son. The son does not say the Holy Spirit is unimportant. They work in a
circular relationship: not pyramidical, or small top down to broad base. As we believe
in the Trinitarian God, we also believe He is saying relationships are worthy. How are
you moving into relationship with those you encounter? Let’s expand relationships by
journeying on the Pilgrims Trail.
What is the Pilgrim’s Trail?
It is an invitation. An invitation to venture into other parts of our beautiful state.
To see churches, small and large, that we have never seen before.
To meet people who are making the Church a living presence in our diocese.
A group of creative people have put together an itinerary to help people plan trips
throughout the diocese. The group offers:
 A simple “passport” form; get one from your own parish.
 Stamps that you can collect in your passport for each parish you visit; call ahead to let them know you
would like to visit.
 People in each parish who can welcome you or your group and give a tour
 A website to help you plan your trip, with directions, contact information and suggestions for each site.
How can you help?
 Become a tour guide for Pax Christi
 Offer to help organize a trip to a parish or group of parishes you might already know.
It is a blessing when we feel more connected to and engaged with our diocese. This is a personal, feet on the
ground, fun and engaging way to do this. We hope you will join the spirit of this. We hope you will join
the Pilgrim’s Trail. Please call the office for more information: 859-273-9999.