4001 Victoria Way Lexington, KY 40515 T: 859-273-9999

The Newman Connection

The Newman Connection is an organization that is committed to keeping students connected to the Catholic Church.  Pax Christi has partnered with the Newman Connection to help them obtain your names and contact information so they may help you connect to Campus Ministries once you begin college.  The 2018 High School Outreach Program helped connect 75,500 students to their Campus Ministry!

Please contact us so that we may help you connect and continue building your faith at a time when many young adults stop practicing their faith.

Email Kris at kcoons@cdlex.org with your name, email, phone number, and the college/university (include city & state) which you plan to attend in the fall, or call the church office at 859-273-9999.  It is our goal to send a list of contacts by May 28, 2019.  We will not send any names or contact information we do not receive directly from you.