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Thank You Pax Christi

My Dear Generous Parishioners,

In the months of November and December you once again showed yourselves to be generous, concerned Catholics. It is not a surprise, given your past history of support to those in need. In the month of November you gave over $11,000 to our Christmas giving drive for St Peter Parish in Monticello. Then, when a wholly unexpected emergency arose in western KY, you followed with another generous and compassionate burst of giving – over $24,000 so far.

This reminds me of the on-line collection we took in June of 2020, which was a Thank Offering for being able to return to in-person Mass, through which we donated over $25,000. May our giving at the end of 2021 be a blessing over the New Year, that it may bring us renewal of peace and well-being.

With humble respect for all of you.  

Fr Pat