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Summer Neighborhood Home Masses

First Scheduled Summer Home Masses

June 12                Ed & Stasia Kruse

                          4225 Watertrace Dr.


                          Waterford area

August 7             Michael & Sharon Agin

                          3182 Burham Ct.


West side of Clay’s Mill

* All Home Masses are on Wednesdays.

* All Home Masses begin at 6:30 p.m..

* All are welcome to attend any Mass.

* Please bring lawn chairs or blankets.

Please call the hosts for directions and to let them know how many people to expect.

There are still many opportunities to host a

Mass. If you are interested, please call the

church office or talk to Fr. Pat.

Host Responsibilities:

à Simple hospitality – lemonade and cookies

à Cool, shaded backyard

à People bring their own chairs and blankets

à Kids welcomed and encouraged

à In case of rain, can you take 15 to 20 people inside?

à Fr. Pat brings everything needed for Mass; wine, hosts, cups, missal, etc.

à We would print your address and phone number in the bulletin so that people can contact you to get directions and to help you know how many people to expect. 

Would you like to be a host? It would bless your home. And you would be a blessing to all who would attend! 

- Fr. Pat