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Pax Christi Budgets

Dear Friends,
It has been a remarkable year; for each of us and for Pax Christi! There have been set backs and challenges. But there have also been great accomplishments. We have not only survived but we are thriving. Thanks be to God for all of it.

If you recall, last year at this time we presented a pretty dramatic deficit budget for our ordinary operations that hypothetically projected a substantial deficit. We did so in the hope and confidence that as we returned to active parish life we would overcome that projection. I am so happy to report that as we approach the end of the budget year, we are projecting that we will finish with NO deficit!

This is solely due to your outstanding generosity. As pastor, I cannot thank you enough. This is just another sign that we are an intentional parish, we care about one another and we want our parish to grow.

This leads me into the presentation of the budget for the coming year. You will see that we once again project a hypothetical deficit! (although not as great as last year.) Our budgeted income is based on the actual income from this current year (Project to the end of June.) However, we are planning on increased expenditures. Part of this is recognizing that some expenses just go up, such as utilities, etc. But more importantly, we are also budgeting for pre-COVID levels of program expenses, for liturgy, parish life, etc. We want to be more active, more engaged than ever.

Two other notable increases in expense are salaries and the diocesan assessment. In the world, not everyone gets a cost-of-living increase but I believe that it is just for our staff. And this year, that increase is higher than usual. Also, since our offertory is up, the amount we owe the diocese is up.

And you know what? I hope we spend every cent of those budgeted expenses! I hope we are able to have MORE celebrations; MORE formation opportunities, MORE ways to welcome others and to be together.
And you know what? If we do all these things, we WILL have the income we need to cover it all! It truly is a win-win opportunity! That's the way the Holy Spirit works I think.

What can you do?
* Invite a friend to come back to church. Or invite a friend who has never been to Pax Christi. Tell them what the parish means to you and what you think we have to offer.
* Be a part of the various ministries, programs and celebrations. Help bring the enthusiasm for our Catholic Christian life and our parish life so that others WILL want to be a part.
* Pray for the success of all we strive for in the year ahead.

You are all so dear. Thank you for all you do and all you are.

God Bless Us All,

Fr Pat