Sacred Silence

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The leadership of the parish is asking that we all try a grand experiment for Lent. This is to say that during Lent we ask our parishioners to practice silence once they enter church until Mass begins.

At a recent study day for the priests of the diocese, the priest presenter made an important correlation between prayer and happiness. To priests who spent less than 15 minutes a day in prayer, he assured them that they could be happier if they prayed more. To those who said they didn’t have time to pray more, he assured them that if they prayed more they would find that their time is more productive. I believe all this.

Sometimes, to go deeper into faith and spirit we need time to recollect. And that requires quiet. Our greeters will still greet. Our ministers will still make their preparations. But we ask everyone else to find your places in church, compose yourselves and prepare your hearts and minds for the great blessings God is about to bestow on us through the Mass.

I recognize that for some this will seem strange, at least at first. It might even be a challenge. I hope no one will be offended by this effort. When the weather gets milder, feel free to gather outside. After Mass feel free to gather with friends in the gathering space. I believe that at the end of Lent we will have a more profound sense of the holiness of our God and of the worship that is our blessing. Thank you.

Fr Pat