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Communion from the Cup has resumed. In the next few weeks we will remind you of the traditional heath precautions taken in both offering and receiving from the cup. We also know some of you will not yet be ready to receive the Precious Blood. We may never return to a “normal” pre-COVID level of health safety. But we are learning to adapt and we want to be able to offer the full, rich meaning and blessing of receiving the Precious Blood of Jesus.

Addressing Health and Safety Concerns in Offering and Receiving the Precious Blood
Let us first review what has always been practiced to make receiving from the common cup safe.
 After the consecration the Precious Blood still retains the outward appearance and taste of wine. It still also retains the mild sterilizing effects of alcohol.
 The minister turns the cup so as to offer a different part of the cup to the next person.
 The minister carefully wipes the brim of the cup for each recipient.

In these days, it has become clear that anyone who suspects that they have a cold or otherwise feels at all sick should not receive from the cup, and should probably stay home.

If we take care of each other and take the proper precautions, it should be safe to receive the Precious Blood.

How to receive the Precious Blood
• Only receive the Precious Blood if you are comfortable doing so.
• If you receive the Precious Body alone, you are receiving all of Jesus – Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity. You are not somehow shorted if you only receive Jesus under one form.
• If you are going to receive the Precious Blood, remember:
• Bow as you approach the minister.
• Respond “Amen!” when the minister says, “Blood of Christ!”
• Gentle, slow motions as you receive the cup, bring it to your lips and take a small sip.
• Same as you return the cup to the minister and assure a good hand-off.
Return to your pew for a prayer of thanksgiving.