A Note from Fr. Pat: Quiet before Mass

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As you have heard me say at Mass, I have appreciated your cooperation in creating a quiet, prayerful atmosphere in church before Mass. I hope you have been blessed by it as well.

After Easter we want to continue some of that prayerful spirit, but in a modified form. We will not ask you to be quiet the whole time you are in the church building. Easter is a time for happy meeting and sharing. However, 5 minutes before Mass, someone will pass through the lobby ringing a gentle but clear bell. We are asking you to immediately finish whatever conversations you are having and move quietly into church so that the last few minutes before Mass can be a time of recollection for all. We are also asking that everyone keep quiet once they are in the body of the church.

Of course, this will work best if everyone can make the effort to be on time and in their places BEFORE Mass begins.

I trust this can be the best of both worlds, socialability and prayerfulness.

As always, thank you for your attention and cooperation. And have a most blessed Easter season.

Fr Pat