2023 End of Calendar Year Appeal

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My Dear Pax Christi Members,

I hope you have felt that the year that is coming to an end has been a positive, growth filled one; both for yourselves and for the parish. Here at Pax Christi we have seen many new parishioners join us, wonderful additions to our staff, we have seen new programs and new people willing to take on new service. I am so grateful to each of you. Traditionally, the end of the calendar year is also a time for me to make a special financial appeal, asking you to remember your parish for end of the year gifts. It’s a way to express our thanks. Of course, it’s also helpful for tax purposes. Some people choose to make a significant gift to the parish at this time.

This year we have a special situation since Christmas falls on Monday. Most years Christmas falls a few days after Sunday., I would like to remind everyone that it is important to attend a Mass for the Fourth Sunday of Advent and a separate Christmas Mass.  We will communicate the Mass schedule via the bulletin, Facebook page, email, and it will also be posted on our website, paxchristilex.org.  May I also gently encourage you to use both the Advent Sunday envelope and the Christmas envelope? I make my contribution once a month, usually at the beginning of the month. But I will certainly make use of the Christmas envelope to make an extra contribution.

We are having a successful year financially so far. You will find a financial report covering the first four months on the next page. As you see, we continue to meet our expenses, even though we started in July with a deficit budget. We have been a generous parish all year responding to the needs of those who have suffered from the natural disasters and family crises; with food drives, cold weather drives, blood drives, Rice Bowl, Annual Appeal, and many more. Your seasonal generosity allows us to enter the new year on a secure financial footing and to sustain the same spirit of renewal and growth in our care for each other and our love and service to our God.


Fr P