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Our Vision

The Pax Christi Vision

The Parish Pastoral Council is on a journey to see what the future holds for Pax Christi Catholic Church. We hope you will join us in developing a “Vision” for our church. During this Easter season we will be meeting with different groups within the church to listen, take notes and brainstorm with you to develop that “Vision”. We will also hold small town hall like meetings in the neighborhoods so that we get everyone’s input. Enclosed with this letter is a thought provoking questionnaire. We’ve taken our Mission Statement and broken it down with questions about each section. Please take time to pray over these questions and answer them with your ideas and “Vision” for Pax Christi Church. We do ask you to keep in mind that we are all called to be disciples of Christ. “Serving is what a disciple does, and to grow as a disciple, to make more disciples, you’ve got to keep serving.” So, when you see the question “How can we better serve to fulfill this?” or “Are we succeeding at this?” the “we” is you and our fellow parishioners. You may drop the completed form in the collection basket, drop it off in the church office, mail it to the church or email your answers to us. Thank you for your prayers, your time and your thoughts.


Karen Goss Steve Daniel Parish Council Vice Chair Parish Council Chair


Vision Questionnaire