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Ministry Spotlight

Social Life Group 

The Social Life Group is an important Ministry at Pax Christi because this is a parish that really likes to celebrate, gather, and enjoy sharing meals together...and we certainly seek every opportunity to do so!  (We can’t wait to get back to this!)

Teresa Brock is our Social Life Group Ministry Lead, and she took time to share with us a bit about this wonderful group of men and women. Anyone can be involved in this Ministry! 

The purpose of the Social Life Group is to offer one’s time to support and serve others.  The group meets and prepares for gatherings by determining what is needed for a particular event.  Events can call for simple snacks, hors d’oeuvres, and/or complete meals for various parish activities throughout the year. Also, this group coordinates and is responsible for all the set up, decorations, and clean up according to what the event may require. 

Understandably, the Social Life Group has been on hold during the pandemic. They are anxious to start serving the parish community as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. Some of the parish activities they have organized in the past are Mardi Gras, Seder Meal, Disability Mass; plus many more throughout the year. The photos to the right are from the last Mardi Gras celebration they organized in the Parish Hall (before the remodel) in 2019.

What makes this ministry attractive for parishioners to be involved in is that it is an incredible opportunity to serve, support, and meet other people in the parish.  Another benefit of being involved is to have fun and develop lasting friendships.  If this sounds like something that may be up your alley, email Teresa at tabrock44@gmail.com for more information.