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Pax Christi Columbarium


On the side of PAX CHRISTI Catholic Church, there is a columbarium.  A columbarium is a structure lined with vaults (niches) for cremated remains.  It is a contemporary version of the church cemetery.  Columbarium niches are available for purchase through the church.  Niches can be purchased either at the time of a funeral, or pre-purchased.  For more information, contact the office at 859-273-9999.


Rosary Walk

The PAX CHRISTI Columbarium is located in a Peace Garden, which includes a paved rosary walk.  The beads of the rosary walk are dedicated to the churches of the Diocese of Lexington, currently open during its 25th Anniversary.  The initial cross is dedicated to PAX CHRISTI CATHOLIC CHURCH.  The Hail Holy Queen bead is dedicated to the Cathedral church, Christ the King.  The Our Father beads are dedicated to the churches in the City of Lexington.  The other churches throughout the 50 counties of the diocese are represented on the Hail Mary beads.



In addition to the Rosary Walk, the Peace Garden contains a patio, where Mass is held on Memorial Day, and reception can be held.


The paved patio has bricks which are available for engraving for special occasions.  Please contact the office, if you are interested in making a donation for a memorial brick.