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Ministries at Pax Christi, from Father Pat

  Ministry Sign Ups!  Be the Church...Be the Change...Be Pax Christi! 


Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, we have been promoting 5 specific ways to be of service to one another at Pax Christi.   These are our immediate needs.

Please click on the above link to view the Ministry Sign Up Form that was available at Mass this past weekend and take a moment to check one, or more, ministries that interest you.   If you are not able to become more involved at this time, there is no need to complete this form.  We will have other opportunities throughout the year.   If you completed the form at Mass, there is no need to fill this form out again.  Please submit your form by Sunday, December 5. 

Exciting, blessed times are ahead.  Help us be ready to make the most of them.

Thanks, as always for your attention and support.  

Fr. Pat