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Just a Reminder

Just a Reminder…

You may have received, or will be receiving shortly, your packet of envelopes for July.  As previously communicated to you, the envelopes will be changing July 1, 2019.  Your new packet of envelopes will include the following envelopes among others: 

Weekly Church Offertory:  Use this envelope to support the daily operations of the parish such as maintenance, utilities, staff salary, and supplies.

Advancing the Journey:  Use this envelope to support the fund for our new office building and renovation of the church basement. 

General Building Fund:  The funds placed in this envelope will be used to help pay our debt incurred for the chiller and other major building expenses.

Long Term Maintenance Fund:  Contributions placed in this envelope will help provide long term funds to cover the expenses the parish incurs for major maintenance of parish property.

If you have questions, contact

Fr. Pat Stewart or Melissa Holland

pstewart@cdlex.org or mholland@cdlex.org