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From Father Pat

My Dear Friends,

This is the first time I address you through the bulletin. It will not be a profound exposition. Just a few newsy items.

I have met with many groups already; Social Activity Comm., CRHP, Property Comm., Parish Council, the Advancing the Journey team, Finance Council. I have found all the groups open and welcoming, and I look forward to working closely with them as well as with other groups and committees I haven’t met yet. Without meaning to make any group fell left out, I would like to stress how important I think the role of Parish Council is by naming all the members. They are Kris Coons, Francis Goodfriend, Tom Woods, Bax McClure, Dick Taulbee,  and Jennifer Coupal. Melissa Holland meets with the Pastoral Council as an ex-officio member.  Bob Rode represents Advancing the Journey. Please communicate your thoughts and questions to them, or to me, so that we can more clearly understand the spirit and needs of all of you.

I was discussing hospital visiting with Melissa Holland. Please remember to let the parish know if you are going to be entering the hospital. Hospitals do not contact churches unless specifically asked to by the patient. We want to support you and to visit you, so please let us know.

I’m sure I will have more weighty and profound things to share in the future. For now, let me just say how very happy I am to be here.

God Bless Us All.