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Fr. Pat’s letter for the upcoming Town Hall meeting

Dear Parishioners,
As you have heard, we have scheduled a very important Town Hall meeting on March the 3rd. Let’s review a little of the history.
-May 2018 – Fr Nick postpones the planned renovation of the church basement in anticipation of the arrival of a new pastor
-August 2018 – Fr Pat requests a further delay of the renovation in order to collect accurate information on the actual needs for an office building and an estimated costfor the project
-August 2018 – The parish hires Pearson and Peters Architects to provide recommendation for location of staff building on church property and conceptual design of office building.
-December 2018 – Architects presents their recommendations.
-January 2019 – The Advancing the Journey Building Committee prepares for the March Town Hall Meeting.
We now have two good proposals for both the renovation of the basement and construction of new office building that would be required by the basement renovation.
With new information comes new questions and concerns; and, therefore new decisions.
We have funds to begin and complete one of the two projects now. (A thorough report on the financing for these projects will be sent to you next week.)
It is the desire of the pastor, of Melissa and of the Advancing the Journey team to absolutely respect the thoughts and needs of the parish.
That said, it is the proposal of the pastor and of the leadership that we build the new offices BEFORE the renovation of the church basement.
-The planned renovation eliminates the offices from the basement.
-The small house the parish owns on the other side of the parking lot would require expansive and costly renovations itself to serve as offices. Estimated cost for updating for long term office use is $40K-50k.
-We would not want to be in temporary offices for 2 or 3 years
-Building the offices first would allow a smooth transition and allow us to begin the basement renovation in a timely way.
You see why our Town Hall Meeting is absolutely crucial and why we are so eager for everyone to attend! At this meeting, we will together decide how to proceed.
In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Fr. Pat, Melissa or Bob Rode at 859-273-9999.

Fr. Pat