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Financial Recording & Reporting

April 29, 2019
Dear Parishioners,
Here is the announcement I made at this past weekend's Masses about financial recording and
reporting. If you have any questions, please call myself or Melissa.
Thank you for your attention,
Fr. Pat
Financial Recording and Reporting
In the past, the loose cash and coin put in the Sunday collection was given a separate
designation as “School Support Fund”. These moneys will now simply be added to the
category “Offertory Collection”.
In the past any automatic giving that was not designated for a specific purpose was
called Undesignated Gift. We will now begin directing these funds to the Offertory
Collection as well.
These changes will allow for clearer and simpler reports, both in the bulletin and in
more frequent mailings. As a result, you will notice that the amount listed as
Offertory Collection will greatly increase, giving a more realistic view of our parish's
financial health.
Most importantly, Pax Christi has reached an agreement with Sts. Peter & Paul
School and with the diocese, to limit our support to the school to $100,000 a year,
which is slightly less than we paid last year. Although we will technically be held to
20% of our collections, there will be a limit of $100,000 to what we will be required
to pay.
Although we do indeed send fewer students to Sts. Peter & Paul School than some
other parishes, it is also the case that we have the resources to support the school to
an extent that other parishes don't. We hope this arrangement will satisfy our
parishioners' concerns.
The number of envelopes that will be included in the month mailing will be reduced,
since a number of separate funds are being consolidated into the Offertory Collection.
These changes will begin with the envelope packet you receive for July.