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Faith Walk

Dear Parishioners,

We know the summer was not what any of us expected and that our children/youth in public schools have begun this academic year virtually.    We also know that some of our families are not only having difficulty providing for their children's education but there may be some who are suffering financially and with health issues.  We pray that you and your family are well.   Please let us know if you need help from the parish even if in no other way but to be available with a listening ear!

We all knew that most of this year would be a homebased program for our FaithWalk program due to our renovation of the basement.  We had hoped to begin the year with a kick off celebration and pancake breakfast as we have done in the past and then have at least a few in-person sessions before we went virtual; however, with COVID-19 restrictions we were unable to do that.   

We are beginning some in-person sessions for the 2nd Grade as they prepare for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, as well as our 8th Grade as they prepare for Confirmation.   In the meantime we are planning some exciting new ways to help families with a homebased FaithWalk program which will include :Pick-up Parties and Videos prepared by parish staff and volunteer catechists and possibly some virtual sessions by grade level.

Gloria Becker will continue to serve as Volunteer Coordinator of our Children/Youth FaithWalk program (this year it will be for K through 8th Grade).   She has already been in contact with catechists regarding the possibility of virtual meetings this year.   As you know, Father Pat remains in the hospital battling Pancreatitis and requests your prayers.    I am available to discuss any concerns you may have throughout the year.

We have been blessed with Pflaum Publishing offering digital Gospel Weeklies which will be available through a login provided to families who register for our New FaithWalk program.  Those of you who have had children in our FaithWalk Program know that the Gospel Weeklies are Lectionary Based (meaning it coincides with the readings for the Sunday).  This type of Catechesis (echoing the faith) is especially important during this time as it helps our families deepen their understanding of the Sunday readings and provides a basis for at-home intergenerational faith discussions.  We will also be providing virtual Adult FaithWalk sessions such as of Kitchen Chatter, Women's Spirituality (book club), and an offering of seasonal videos to enhance the adult faith formation.  The goal of the FaithWalk program is to provide valuable age appropriate activities and shared prayer and worship for all ages in order to grow in our Catholic faith.

Please review the forms by clicking here.   In order to prepare for this program we need everyone to get their registration in by September 17th so we can prepare for the first Gospel Weeklie to be available to your family the week of September 20th.    Watch your email for updates/changes in what is available to help your family share the Faith especially watch for seasonal Pick-up Parties to be held at church.

We look forward to having you and your family join us on this new way of our FaithWalk journey.

In the peace of Christ,

Melissa L. Holland

Pastoral Associate