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The Greeters' goal is to have attendance be a positive, enjoyable experience for our regular parishioners and any visitors who are with us.  What better way than with a warm welcome and a smile as they walk through the door!  Obviously, what we do is greet people as they come to church.

We are looking for those who can commit a little of their time and talents to this ministry. It's not hard work. All you really need is a smile and an enthusiastic attitude.

With a welcoming smile greeters open the door for parishioners as they arrive at church.  It is an invitational and evangelizing ministry for all to share in the gifts of the faith community, liturgy and hospitality of Corpus Christi.  Greeters are scheduled for all weekend Masses, special holy day Masses or celebration services, funerals, weddings, and private baptisms.  Greeters also make themselves available on a voluntary basis to welcome parishioners to Generations of Faith sessions.  You will receive a schedule every few months and will be schedule for the Mass times that you wish.





The concept of an Usher is not new.  In the Old Testament, there were positions addressed as "Doorkeepers" or "Gatekeepers," and their roles were very similar. (2 Kings 22:4) (1 Chronicles 9:17-27) (Psalms 84:10)

  • Jesus' disciples can be considered ushers, in the sense      that they:
    • Prepared the way for Jesus
    • Kept order among those       listening to Christ
    • Served Food to the audience
    • Cleaned up after a service,       such as the Feeding of the Five Thousand

Ushers, as the ones who stand at the door, greet, and distribute pamphlets, can be considered an ambassador for the church, and a key part in the Body of Christ.  The role is supposed to continue long after the Mass has adjourned.  The life of an usher should be an example of Christian living in everyday life.  Daily conduct should be in line with the word of the Christian God, the Bible, and the Ministry of Jesus.


Ushers serve as ministers of hospitality.  This involves greeting worshippers before Mass, providing assistance in seating if required, and being responsive to requests for information or assistance.  They should be alert to any emergencies, or other situations that may arise during services, and respond as appropriate.  Ushers are also responsible for the direction of Communion flow, taking up collections, and passing out bulletins at the end of Mass.