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Pastoral Council

The primary purpose of the Pastoral Council is to assist the parish in carrying out its apostolate, as described in the Mission Statement. As a pastoral body, Parish Pastoral Council has the following responsibilities:

¨ Advice the pastor in determining the needs of the parish

¨ Develop an awareness of the needs and priorities of the parish families, the Diocesan Church, and thee Church Universal

¨ Advise the pastor in establishing the goals and objectives of the parish and set priorities for their implementation

¨ Review and recommend the budget

¨ Coordinate parish activities to ensure that stated goals and objectives are implemented

¨ Serve as a forum for constructive dialogue within the parish community

¨ Deliberate and act upon its responsibilities in an atmosphere of consensus, mutual trust, and Christian love

¨ Help establish policies for the parish.

Membership requirements for the Parish Pastoral Council are spelled out in the parish Constitution and By-laws; membership is generally open to adult members of the parish who are practicing and confirmed Catholics.  Nominations are held in the spring of the year.  The current Council consists of nine members, each of whom serve a three year term.  One third of the Council is selected yearly on the Feast of Pentecost.   Vacancies due to resignations are appointed by the pastor to complete the term.