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Children’s FaithWalk Registration is this Weekend

FaithWalk is our faith formation for our children and is held on Sundays from9:45—10:45 a.m. in the classrooms located in the newly renovated Parish Hall. 

Children’s FaithWalk will begin Sunday, September 12, 2021 with a Meet & Greet. Come meet your teachers, get familiar with your classroom(s) & we look forward to meeting YOU! 

Masks will be worn by all.   

Registration Forms for 3 year olds, pre-school and elementary through eighth grade

are located in the Gathering Space.  Or email Gloria Becker at paxcre@cdlex.org

to have a registration form sent to you or if you have questions. 

We still need Catechists and classroom helpers for Pre-K and 6th Grade

If you would like to volunteer to lead God’s children in the Faith, please contact Gloria Becker at paxcre@cdlex.org or 301-908-4359.