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Changes in the Offertory Collection beginning in Advent

At all the Masses on the weekend of the First Sunday of Advent, we will make a change in the order in which the Offertory Collection is taken up.  The Offertory Collection will now be a separate action. It will follow the Prayers of the Faithful. Once the Collection is completed, the Presentation of the Gifts will follow.

I think it is appropriate to highlight the financial offerings we make in support of the parish. The collection will then be included in the Offertory Procession, along with the gifts of bread and wine.

When there is a second collection, such as at the national level that happens once a month, these will be taken up separately after communion.

The ushers are being encouraged to be prepared to come forward as soon as the Prayers of the Faithful are over. Please have your offering, preferably in the envelopes the parish provides, ready before you come to church.

Thanks for your support to the parish, and thanks for your attention.

-Fr. P