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Baptism Recognition

I love it when there are babies in our church. I don’t mind the noise. We want to recognize all of
our young families who had a child baptized in the past three years.
We used to be able to celebrate Baptisms during Mass. Families were recognized and people were able to
welcome and support them. We had to curtail that practice these past years. Now we
want to honor all our parents. I imagine it’s been particularly hard raising a child during
the pandemic. We want you to know we are thinking of you; and that we love you. So on
the weekend of July 30-31, at the 5 p.m. Mass and the 11 a.m. Mass, we will have a
simple process to introduce you and your child or children, pray for you and honor you.
We will be sending invitations to all the families we know of in the parish. If we somehow
missed you with the invitation, please contact us. Hope you can attend that weekend.

Fr. Pat