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Annual Propagation of the Faith Mission Talk

On August 17-18 there will be a second collection for the Propagation of Mission.   The Society of the Propagation of the Faith is an exchange program where by mission speakers from all over the world can make appeals for monetary contributions to support the work of their diocese or order. In the Network phase of the program, our diocesan speakers are selected on a voluntary basis to travel to another diocese in the United States and tell the mission story of our diocese. Donations are collected into a central account and used as a source of income to fund AMAP  (Appalachian Mission Appeal Program) Grants. In reverse, the Coop phase of the program invites speakers from outside the Diocese of Lexington to make appeals in our parishes and obtain funds to help support their own mission work. Funds raised by Coop speakers are compiled and divided equally among the participating groups.

Pax Christi gives a warm welcome to Reverend  Thomas R. Carroll, Sch.P. of the Piarist Fathers.   The Piarist Fathers were founded by St. Joseph Calasanctius in Rome in 1617.  In addition to the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, the Piarists take a fourth vow to educate youth.  They operate 195-200 schools in 32 countries around the world.  One of those schools is located in the Appalachian region of eastern Kentucky.   Fr. Carroll  and two other Piarists stationed in eastern Kentucky minister to the Catholics in four counties.  Catholics number less than 1/2 of the 1% of the population in Eastern Kentucky.