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After Mass Fellowship

Beginning on the weekend of April 23-24, we will have refreshments and fellowship every other week
after each Mass, including the Saturday Night Mass. [Actually, on Saturday, April 23, the Knights of Columbus are holding their International Dinner. The regular fellowship will begin the following Saturday.]
We want this time to be a relaxed and informal occasion for true fellowship, so we will have it downstairs in the church hall.  Come down for a few minutes.  Relax at a table and enjoy the treats.
 Sit with folks you may not know and get to know them.  We will not highjack this time to try to do parish business.
We realize that this will not serve people who need to grab a quick snack and run, but the opportunity to meet others will be well worth the effort.
We would like this to grow to every week. Maybe you would like to help! In any
case, we hope you’ll come down after Mass!