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Advent: A Season of Hope

For obvious reasons, we need this Advent to be a season of Hope.

We would like to invite you to share your stories of hope as a way to encourage each other.  By “hope,” I mean not just hoping that something will happen. Rather, how have you experienced hope as a power that helped you to move forward with your life? What story about hope can you tell?

We hope to release one or two video stories every day of Advent, kind of like a video Advent calendar. (Sorry, you will have to provide your own chocolate!) So, please don’t be disappointed if your video doesn’t appear as soon as you submit it.

By using this link tribute.co/advent  you can go to a website that will enable you to record a short (no longer than 3 minutes) video.

·        Did a prayer or scripture inspire you?

·        Did a friend’s faithfulness help you?

·        How did hope come to you?

Also, here are a few technical guidelines.

·        Once you click on the link, you do not need to use the “Continue with Facebook” sign-up. Use the “sign-up” with only your name and email.

·        The prompts on the site will allow you to prepare your video image before you click the “record” button. Make sure your face is fully in view and framed well. Use as much light as you can. If recording from a phone or tablet, hold it horizontally (not vertically). SMILE!

·        Use the prompts to end recording and submit.

·        After you submit your video, the website will ask if you want to share your video on Facebook or Twitter. It’s not necessary to share on social media for us to receive your video.

·        If you have any questions, please email allydevito@gmail.com

Your video will be shared on our Pax Christi YouTube Channel, website, & Facebook.  Let your message be a light for others!

And have a blessed and inspiring Advent!

- Fr. Pat