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By way of introduction, I am Father Danny Schwendeman. I am the vocation director for the
Diocese of Lexington. I was ordained on May 19, 2001. I have served in a variety of ministries
over the past two decades. It is an honor to begin working with men and women to discuss
their individual and unique vocational journeys.
To foster vocations to the priesthood and religious life, within the Diocese of Lexington, can only be accomplished if
we all work together. Granted the vocation office plays a big role, but we cannot do it alone.
I do not envision vocation recruitment to be an academic or intellectualized endeavor. Vocational recruitment must
be more personal in nature. It is about listening to each other, and sharing our stories. It is about relationship.
My initial goal, was to visit one parish every weekend, throughout the diocese. That would provide people with an
opportunity to put a “face to the name.” I want to be a vocation director who is visible and accessible, not just a
name and contact information on a website. To accomplish this goal, I am asking my brother priests, parish life
directors, and directors of religious education to please invite me into your parishes. I want to work with you in
fostering vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
Naturally, parents and families also need to be an integral part of the vocational process. I encourage parents to
please pray for, and with, your children regarding the vocation to which God is calling them. No vocation is created in
a vacuum. It takes prayer. It takes perseverance. It takes support and encouragement. But above all, it takes an
openness to the workings of the Holy Spirit. This is true whether an individual is being called to Holy Orders; Holy
Matrimony; religious life as a sister or brother, or remaining single for the sake of the Kingdom.
I cannot build the vocation program on my own. I am asking for your help and your prayers. May we work
collaboratively to foster vocations to the priesthood and religious life, so that the Sacramental needs of the people of
God will always be fulfilled.
In Christ Peace,
Fr. Danny Schwendeman, Vocation Director
Cell phone number: 859-684-4568
Email address: dschwendeman@cdlex.org