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From the Knights of Columbus…

As we begin the New Year, the Knights of Columbus will publish the monthly theme, some reflections, and the family project from the Family Alive Booklet passed out in December.  If you’d like a copy of the Family Fully Alive booklet, contact the Knights at: kofc15613@gmail.com

Family Fully Alive  theme for January:

“Family Prayer”

Meditation– The Christian family needs to put things first by cultivating a relationship with God together through prayer.  Prayer is essential for families to develop Christian joy, faith, hope, and love.

Scripture Reading of the month—Psalm 65:6-14.          A prayer of gratitude for God’s blessings.

Family Project– Create a “prayer corner” for a favorable place to facilitate prayer in the home.


1. Is prayer at the center of our family life?  If not, why?

2. How can we build a better rhythm of prayer into our family’s life?

3. In what way can we mark significant family moments throughout the year with prayer?