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Where is Father Larry?

Father Larry asks for prayers for himself and his brother priests.

On Tuesday evening, November 17th, Father Larry was exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID on Wednesday.  He was hosting his Priest Support Group with masks, safe distancing and individual snacks on Tuesday night.  He learned of the exposer on Thursday morning and contacted me to let me know he would not be able to preside at our 9:30 AM Mass today.   Fr. Dennis Knight graciously accepted the offer to help us out.   According to protocals, Father Larry will be quarantined for 14 day and will receive negative testing before he returns to the parish.  He has not been at the parish since Tuesday morning so there is no incident of exposure at Pax Christi.    Father Dennis will be preciding at most of the Mass while Father Larry is out.    Bishop John Stowe, OFMConv. will preside this Saturday, November 21st at the 5:00 PM Mass.

In case of emergency please contact me at 859-333-9926

 In Christ’s Peace,

Melissa L. Holland