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An acronym for Christ Renews His Parish, CRHP, but is affectionately pronounced like Chirp!     Christ Renews His Parish is a copyrighted parish renewal process that has existed since 1969 and has been recommended by the renewal office of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.   It has been used as the primary instrument of personal & parish renewal in over 1200 parishes in 35 states in the United States and in five other countries. Guess it works because there are parishes who are working on their CRHP #120! While many people who experience the process experience it at different levels of intensity, most would say it is an authentic encounter with Christ. People describe experiencing God more intimately, more personally. From those with little faith, to those who have been ordained for many years, all leave with a new (renewed) experience with the help of the Holy Spirit.

As individuals are renewed, the Holy Spirit moves in the community and in the spiritual life of the parish. Many priests report real life changes, such as reports of doctors deciding to follow Church teachings in every way and corporate managers treating employees as brothers and sisters in Christ. Many report an increased participation in daily mass and reconciliation, along with reports from wives telling of husbands who have become spiritual leaders alongside their spouses. Parishes report a renewed spirit of community after Mass, a spirit of welcome and belonging that even visitors sense.

Christ Renews His Parish can be described in four parts:

A person begins by experiencing a weekend: taking the next step in your spiritual journey.

Then becomes part of a team: adult faith formation, preparation, and catechesis to give to the next group.

Next, host the next weekend (one year later): present weekend for next group, authentic experience of lay ministry in the parish with a renewed spirit.

Finally, search for the Lord's call to what comes next in one's life: send people into service ministries in the parish, community and diocese.


The Pax Christi Women’s CRHP #1 team will be “giving” to Pax Christi women the weekend of August 20-21 2016.. You will spend the night at the parish (optional) and enjoy a completely well-organized program of fun, spiritual enrichment, and meeting others in your parish you might not know. The men of Pax Christi have experienced a men’s weekend given by Christ the King in 2012 and we would hope to revive it after our women’s weekend.


So women, mark your calendars for August 20-21 and join us for Pax Christi Women’s CRHP #2. For more information, please visit the web-site for CRHP http://www.mycrhp.org/MYCRHP/Welcome.html.






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