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ALTAR SERVERS — anyone 3rd grade and above

LECTORS — anyone baptized, confirmed & at least 16 years of age is needed to proclaim the Good News.  

EXTRAORDINARY MINISTER OF HOLY COMMUNION — anyone baptized, confirmed & at least 16 years of age


Fr. Nick at npagano@cdlex.org or

Melissa at mholland@cdlex.org


Corinne Quadland

Dear Sir, I live at the assisted living facility ” The Willows ” within sight of Pax Christi. I have been a practicing Catholic my entire life, 74 years. (attended Christ The King Elementary school from the time it opened, when I was in third grade followed by graduation from Lexington Catholic High School, 1961. I continued my education with graduation from UK, bachelor’s degree in 1965, followed by graduating from Idaho State University, Master of Special Education, and 1971, and EdD, Utah State University, Instructional Technology, 1975. I served as a professor of Special Education in the University of Wisconsin System for 10 years, 1971 — 1981. I then returned to teaching special education at Tullar elementary school, Neenah, Wisconsin for another 10 years. I then retired from teaching and moved ” home” to Lexington.

Now, I live at Council Oaks, an Assisted Living facility in Lexington, within sight and “spittin’ distance” of Pax Christi. While this is a very nice facility, it is rather lonely as most of the residents don’t (can’t) talk or interact. I would very much like to attend Mass at Pax Christi either Saturday evening or Sunday morning, but I have no wheels, except those on my chari.

Would there be some one from the parish, who could give me a ride to church, either Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings. I could meet the person at the front door or on the front porch. Please respond if you care to assist me. Thank you.

Corinne Quadland, Council Oaks, Lexington. 286-3873

I would like to attend Mass either Saturday evenings or some time Sunday mornings. I have no wheels, except the wheels on my wheel-chair, so I would need transportation. Also, the wheel chair folds-up, so it travels well in a car. Please let me know if someone could give me a ride to church either Saturday evenings or Sunday. thank you foe your consideration in this matter. Corinne Quadland