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The Kentucky Blood Center THANKS PAX CHRISTI!

This is part of a note we received the day after our blood drive: 
“YAY!!!!!! 95% of Goal!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!
We registered 24 donors that resulted in 20 donations.  These donations will save the lives of 60 very grateful Kentucky patients!  You also had five first time donors!!!!!
Thank you so much, and to the members of your church who donated, and Fr. Pat too!
Let me know when you would like to have another drive, we plan 6 months to a year out!  “
Diane Kennedy
Donor Recruiter Specialist
So stay tuned Pax Christi!  And great job supporting our community and celebrating life with your gift of blood!
P.S. One of the KBC staff members on site shared with us that they received comments from some of the donors that they actually preferred our space and set up over going to the Kentucky Blood Center donation locations!  We’re proud and pleased that we were able to offer our Parish Hall to help our community in a such a safe, effective and important  manner!