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The Feast of Corpus Christi

This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of Corpus Christi. This year, as last year, we will hold a procession between the 8:30am and 11am mass, during which we will carry the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist throughout our grounds to ask God's blessing on our parish.

The procession will be lead by any altar server who wishes to wear an alb. The the children who made their First Holy Communion are invited to wear their first communion outfits and to walk together in procession in front of the priest. The Confirmation teens are invited to walk together behind the priest. The Knights who also will be ministers at the 11am mass are invited to walk together as a group behind the Confirmation teens. All other parishioners are invited to walk in procession also. As we process we will pray the LItanies related to the Blessed Sacraments.

The procession through the grounds will stop at three places.

At the first we will stop in the Peace Garden, place the Blessed Sacrament on the Altar, and have a short reading from the Gospel and a short reflection. After the reflection we will sing from the "Sing my Tongue" hymn of the Holy Thursday procession.

We will repeat these stops another two times on the grounds, and the final stop will be at the main altar of the church.

During our stops we will hear readings and reflections on each of the pillars of the church, Parish Life/Hospitality at the Peace Garden Christian Service/Outreach in the parking lot (at the new access drive


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