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The Bulletin

This week, you will notice a major change in the bulletin. I decided to reduce the bulletin and remove the color printing for two reasons.
If you notice on the back of the bulletin, we have lost a number of patrons. Our contract demands 66 ad blocks, and we currently have less than ½ the blocks subscribed. Our contract with Diocesan Publications is based on the support of the ads, and since we do not have the ads, I determined in justice that we should reduce their costs to produce our bulletin.
In addition to the loss of revenue from the ads, Melissa has been producing the bulletin, and I have determined that she should not be putting time into the quality of bulletin, when there are SO MANY OTHER demands on her time.
For the time being, we will only offer a two page bulletin in black and white with bullet statements on the activities of the parish and the diocese.
I am sad for this radical change in our presentation of the bulletin material; however, we do not have any money available in our Operating Budget to hire staff to handle the bulletin.