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Some Reminders for the Upcoming Month

Diocesan Annual Appeal:    You should have received a letter from the Diocese sometime within the past couple of weeks.  All the letters were dropped the week of September 8th, however, we have received notification that there was a hang up for certain zip codes at the post office.  If you live in 40503, 40514, or 40515 you should have received your letter Friday or Saturday if not it should early this week.  October is Annual Appeal month but the earlier your pledge is received the easier it will be for the Diocese to start determining what requests they are able to grant.    Also, remember if Pax Christi exceeds their goal we receive funds back for our needs.    We received $6,146 back from our 2019 Appeal.  Finance Council has determined that will help us offset the 2020-2021 operating budget of our parish --- good work folk!    Let's do it again!    You may drop the Annual Appeal envelope with your pledge card in the mail, drop it in the Offertory baskets at the back of church, go to either our website paxchristilex.org or the diocesan website cdlex.org to make your pledge and/or payment; or you may send a check from your local bank to the Catholic Diocese of Lexington, 1310 W. Main Street, Lexington, KY 40508 with the memo "2020 Annual Appeal (Pax Christi)"

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:  Due to limited space this year with COVID and renovation of the basement we will be holding our Confirmation Sessions for our 8th Grade Youth in the Main Church on Sunday afternoons, typically once a month.    Those dates for these sessions are
" Sundays in 2020: Sept. 27th, Oct. 25th, Nov. 29th,
" Sundays in 2021: Jan. 10th, Jan. 31st, Feb. 28th, Mar. 21st, Apr. 25th.

Update on Father Pat:  Father Pat is home, but is very weak and not receiving visitors or phone calls.    He has been very appreciative of all the cards and notes from children he has received.  He asked that I tell you that he loves you and misses you.  Recovery from the pancreatitis will take several more weeks and he truly looks forward to the day he will be back with us.

Church Pews:    Due to the need to sanitize after all Masses, the pews are showing wear.  The Sanitizer has damaged the finish on the pews and some have noticed wood stain on their hands/legs.  We cannot continue to damage our pews, therefore, this next week we will have them disassembled and stored until the COVID sanitizing is over.  At that time, we will have them refinished and replaced.  Thank you for your patience as we work through these times.  

For Emergencies contact Melissa Holland at 859-333-9926

For Confessions contact Fr. Larry Hehman at lar4u@hotmail.com