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Return of Summer Neighborhood Home Masses

We all know that “The Church” is not just the brick and mortar
building but rather the people who make a community of Catholics.
One enjoyable way that I have found to recognize and celebrate this
is to have Masses in the neighborhoods of our parish. The summer
and early fall months are a great time for this. Family, friends and
neighbors can gather at a parishioner’s home for socializing and for
I would like your help in scheduling a number of these
neighborhood Home Masses from June through September. I would
like to have at least one Mass in each of the general regions of the
parish. Below are listed some of the regions as well as what would
be expected of the host family.
Wednesday evenings at 7pm
Various regions of the parish – But anybody can come to any Mass
West of Nicholasville Rd & north of Man o War
West of Nicholasville Rd & south of Man o War neighborhoods
East of Nicholasville Rd & north of Man o War
East of Nicholasville Rd & south of Man o War
Cumberland Hills
Jessamine Co.
Simple hospitality – lemonade and cookies
Cool, shaded backyard
People bring chairs and blankets.
Kids welcomed and encouraged
In case of rain, can you take 15 to 20 people inside?
Fr Pat brings everything needed for Mass; wine, hosts, cups, missal, etc.
We would ask those wanting to attend to contact the office for your address and phone number and to
let us know how many to expect.
Would you like to be a host? It would bless your home. And you would be a blessing to all who would attend!
Please call the church office with any questions or to offer to host a Mass. We will print the name of the families
hosting in upcoming bulletins. If you plan to attend a family hosted summer Mass, please call the office for the
address. 859-273-9999.
Thank you for your interest and attention.

Fr Pat