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Remembrance Service

Dear Friends,
Over the past two years, many of you have lost friends and loved ones in difficult circumstances. Perhaps a family member died of COVID. Some were not able to attend a friend’s funeral because of the restrictions that were in place at the time.
Things have now returned to some sense of “normal,” but grief and trauma remain. It may be that only now, as we are experiencing “normal life” that you are experiencing such feelings in unexpected ways. This is actually a normal, ongoing response. It’s OK to still occasionally be sad or scared. But you don’t have to feel alone in your grief. We want to support you. We are offering an opportunity to meet and to share with others your experiences of loss.
On Thursday, June 23 at 6:30 p.m. we will have a service of remembrance. This will be a prayer service but it will be more informal than a Mass.
There will be time to talk about the loved one you lost if you wish.
You can bring and show a picture if you like.
There will be prayers of consolation and commendation.
There will be a counselor present, not to give formal counseling but to offer some thoughts and guidance.
It is OK if only a small group gathers. But we will be ready for a larger group as well. There is no need to call ahead, but you can contact us if you have any questions. Please consider whether this service might be of help to you.
In the weeks ahead we will offer other kinds of gatherings to help people deal with the unexpected feelings of anxiety and grief that will still certainly surface in the months ahead. Please take care of yourselves. We love you and want to support you.
Fr Pat