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Propagation of the Faith Mission Speaker

Fr. Mike Chowning August 18 and 19 What is the Society for the Propagation for Faith? The Missionary Cooperative Plan was conceived to help mission societies solicit funds for their mission activities and to give them an opportunity to appeal for vocations to their communities. It is the Bishop of a diocese who chooses to implement the Plan. The Missionary Cooperative Plan of the Propagation of the Faith is coordinated in our diocese by the Chancellor of our Diocese. Other dioceses, religious congregations and mission organizations contact our Chancellor requesting to be allowed to make mission appeals in our parishes. After assignments are made and mission appeals completed, the parishes remit the collection to the Diocese of Lexington. Moneys collected for this cause are granted to participating organizations based on their application and the total received through this program. Speakers from various areas of our diocese go throughout the United States seeking assistance through this program. Many of the parishes and missions in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington depend on the gifts to the Propagation of Faith.