4001 Victoria Way Lexington, KY 40515 T: 859-273-9999

Pax Christi Women’s Retreat

At Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

Begins: Friday, April 15th at 10:00 AM

Ends: Saturday, April 16th at 6:00PM

Topic: Women of the Gospel

Cost: $150 (includes room and meals)

Paulist Fr. James DiLuzio will lead the retreat with Gospel recitation, reflection and song. Pax Christi parishioner Joe Schum will lead a Paints & Saints session on Saturday afternoon.

(Registration forms have been included in the Easter Pax Vox. Additional forms are available below and at the back of Church)

Check in:   9:00-10:00 AM   Friday, April 15th

Check out:   After 5:00 pm Mass   Saturday, April 16th

If you wish to extend your retreat you may register to arrive on Thursday and/or stay until Sunday there will be an additional charge of $75/night which would include dinner & breakfast.

Shared Room:   Most of the rooms are private, however, due to the space available there will be a few shared rooms.   Please note on your registration if you are willing to share a room with another retreatant.   If there is a retreatant you know and would like to share a room with please note that also.

Carpools to Nazareth:   We will try to arrange for carpools. Please let us know if you would like us to help you find a carpool.   Also please note if you are able to drive.

Name _____________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________

City ________________________   Zip__________________

Phone ______________________

Registration Fee Enclosed ($150)          $_________

Please reserve a space for me to:

____ Arrive on Thursday evening ($75)          $_________

____ Stay until Sunday morning ($75)          $_________

____ I am enclosing $_______ donation to be used as scholarship for someone unable to afford the retreat fee.

____ I am willing to be in a shared room

I will share a room with: _____________________________

____ I would like to carpool     ____ I am willing to drive

Special Dietary Requirements: _______________________

Make check payable to: Pax Christi

Mail Registration to:       4001 Victoria Way

Lexington, KY 40515



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