4001 Victoria Way Lexington, KY 40515 T: 859-273-9999

Pax Christi Women’s Dinner Group

Come one, come all! This is a chance to meet other women of the parish who you may not know because they attend another mass.  We will be eating at Chop House, 2640 Richmond Rd. on Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 6:00 pm. You can view their menu on their website at http://www.thechophouse.com/lexington.html and if you have any questions, their phone number is 859-268-9555.  Looking forward to seeing you. Please RSVP to Felicia May at f.may@TWC or 859-971-1238 or Bax McClure at baxm3@TWC.com or 859-940-0618.


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