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Pax Christi Transition Task Force

Pax Christi Transition Task Force Survey

A Parish Meeting will be held Sunday, February 11 at 12:00 noon in the main church. We encourage you to attend to provide feedback for the transition committee to pass on to Bishop John and the Priest Personnel Committee.

As part of the Bishop’s consultation process in deciding upon a Pastor for our Parish, please prayerfully consider, and submit your responses to the following questions. Please place completed surveys in the box in the back of church, mail to the Pax Christi office, or bring with you to the Parish meeting on Sunday, February 11 at 12:00.
What is the uniqueness of Pax Christi?
What are the positive aspects of Pax Christi?
What are we addressing at the present time in our Parish?
What needs to be addressed in the near and distant future?
What does the new leader need to know before he accepts this assignment?
(if more space is needed for your thoughts please attach a separate page)Pax Christi Transition Task Force Needs YOU!

The feedback from our Parishioners is considered a vital tool in helping Bishop John discern who will be the best fit as our new Pastor at Pax Christi.

From Father Dan Noll:
“One of the most important factors in parish life is the leadership of the faith community. As you know, Bishop John has decided to accept Fr. Nick Pagano’s request to retire as of July 1, 2018. Bishop John is preparing to appoint a new Pastor. The new Pastor’s term will begin on July 1, 2018.”

Timeline for Open Listing Process 2018 for Pax Christi Parish

Before January 27 –Pastor appoints ad Hoc Task Force for Transition - (completed)
Weekend of January 27-28 – Pastor announces to Parish that the bishop will assign a new Pastor to the Parish, effective July 1, 2018 (completed)
Between January 29- February 18 – Task Force holds parish meeting and creates Parish Report -- meeting scheduled for February 11th at 12 Noon
February 19 – Parish Report due to Vicar for Priests - Father Dan Noll
February 20 – Priests are mailed all open listing materials. Nominations are opened.
March 2—Nominations by priests are due
March 6 – Priest Personnel Board meets to make recommendations to the bishop
Before May 14 – Bishop completes his discernment and announces decision
July 1 – Assignment is effective

Thank you for your time and prayers as we continue to faithfully walk the path God has laid out before us.

Please contact a member of the Task Force: Tom Dienno (tbdienno@gmail.com), Kris Coons (kcoons74g@gmail.com), Stasia Kruse (stasiakruse@gmail.com), Bax McClure (baxm2306@gmail.com), Dick Taulbee (Dick.Taulbee@gmail.com), Gerry Zuniga (gerryzuniga@windstream.net), Bob Rode (brode@windstream.net); or staff representative Melissa Holland (mholland@cdlex.org) with any questions.

Please be a part of this transition! Please attend the Parish Meeting on Sunday, February 11 at 12:00 in the Church. Your voices, your thoughts, your feedback will be heard and passed on to Bishop John.


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