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Pax Christi Security Plans

Some 8 weeks ago, Officer Bige Towery of the Lexington-Fayette County Police Department visited Pax Christi to perform a security audit walk through of the buildings with Melissa Holland and Jim Webb.

This group developed a list of ideas to help us improve our security practices in the parish. We had further discussion of these suggestions at Pastoral Council and at a Staff Meeting.

Finally, On Sunday, August 25, Officer Towery returned to Pax Christi to give a presentation at an open parish meeting.  His presentation included some practices that the police like to encourage and the security policies we as a parish had decided upon. About 60 people were in attendance at that presentation.

We are now prepared to begin implementing the security procedures/policies we have determined are best practices for our parish. 

First, we remind you of the policies already in place.  Officer Towery explained in his presentation, security policies are only effective if the whole parish understands their role in adhering to the policies.  Therefore, we ask that we all follow the policies already in place as we begin implementing the new security procedures.

Current Safety Policies:  

· On Sunday Mornings, no one but staff is to park in the lower parking lot. Please park in the upper lot.

· On Sunday Mornings, no one but staff is to enter or exit from the basement door; those people are responsible for securing those doors when entering.   Please enter and exit through the upstairs doors using the stairs or elevator to go downstairs as needed.   (This is not only a precaution for knowing who is coming and going but it is in place for traffic safety).

· On Sunday Mornings during FaithWalk from 9:30-11 a.m., no one but those with reason (parents/catechists or Adult FaithWalk session participants/leaders or staff) should be downstairs.

· Children from pre-k through 4th grade must be picked up from FaithWalk sessions by the designated adult at 10:45 a.m.   No FaithWalk session will be dismissed until 10:45 a.m.

· “See Something – Say Something” If there is someone whom you feel doesn’t quite belong, please tell Father Pat or Melissa.

· At any time a group is meeting in any area of the church and they are the only group meeting in the church, lock all the doors at the time the meeting begins.   This does mean that all participants for a meeting, practice, prayer group should make every effort to be on time. If someone arrives, late there should be a point of contact with their group that they can call to be let into the building.

Watch for updates in future bulletins!