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Pax Christi Communication

Communication is very important to us at Pax Christi . Advent is a very active time on our schedule. In order to keep you up to date we have several ways to communicate to you:


-Our website, http://paxchristilex.org/, is kept current. You can look at the top tiles to see our current activity, click on our news tile bulletin or our posts tile on the second row.  In each case you will have up to the minute information.


-Our smartphone & tablet app is widely used and current. You can find it on both Apple app store & the Android google play store as myparishapp.   Its free, you can download it then look for Pax Christi.  That’s it!   You can see homilies, messages, schedules and more.  You can also use it as a reminder to quiet your phone when you come to Church.  We also will send you push messages from time to time to alert you to important announcements.


-We also have RSS which is a “feed” of our posts.  The address is:  http://paxchristilex.org/feed/.  Once there you will be able to see all our posts in chronological


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