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Operation Rice Bowl

This year Pax Christi will be participating in Operation Rice Bowl as part of our Lenten Preparation.  An envelope containing a Rice Bowl, instruction/idea pamphlet and a letter from Fr. Pat will be arriving to your home soon (if it hasn’t already). 

Here is an excerpt of the letter from Fr. Pat…

“Operation Rice Bowl is presented every year by Catholic Relief Services and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).  It is a simple and meaningful way to be of service to the poor around the world.  The primary concept is to add one or more simple, inexpensive meals to your week and to place the money saved into the little cardboard rice bowl.  As you will find, many resources are provided in a simple way.

· There is a calendar for the days of Lent with devotionals and practices.

· There are simple recipes from around the world for the more adventurous.

· There is access to videos that show the work of CRS in various parts of the world.

· Keeping the rice bowl on the table where you gather to eat adds to the devotion.

We have shown over and over again that we are a generous parish that loves to be of service.   I really think that Operation Rice Bowl is a creative and meaningful project that can bless your family.  Please use the Rice Bowl in your home.

There will be no formal gathering of your offerings.  However, this year we ask you to count the money you contributed during Lent and write a check that represents the total of your Rice Bowl offering. “

· Check made out to Pax Christi with “rice bowl” in the memo. 

· Mail your contribution to Pax Christi—4001 Victoria way, Lexington ky 40515—or place in the offertory baskets located in the gathering space in church during our Holy Week Services. 

As always, thank you for your attention and your generosity,

Fr. Pat